Who Made God?

So I was having a good conversation with my middle child today. We had decided to have a “crafty” day, and as she was working on a gift, I was working on my baking. And we began to talk.

She had been talking to one of her friends, who had a question that my daughter felt inadequate to answer.  She tried to deflect the friend to me to ask, friend would have none of it. 

Question to me from darling daughter, “Who really made God?” 

I was all set to answer my daughter, of course.  “No one. He just, was.” Exodus 3:14. Quoting Scripture is a Mother’s prerogative, right? 

Digging deeper into her beliefs and questions, we had a really nice conversation, my middle child and I. Part of it was, “why does God allow bad things to happen to good people, or to kids?” Well, dear, the world as we know it [as we have heard often in the news] is degenerating, so to speak. And, according to the Scripture I read, it will get much, much worse before it gets better.

Difficult to explain these types of questions, to anyone. Yet, so happy to hear that our daughter [dubbed “the missionary one” by me] is, in her friendships, going out to the world and making a difference.

So, what do I believe. Who made God? 

Well, as I said, no one made the Creator. He Himself told us “I AM that I AM”. I AM eternal. Self existing. 

Short answer…no one made Him.