Its Official!

Hello and welcome to my blog’s first “real” post! I must admit I have been keeping a diary online for a few years. I have written my thoughts, ideas, trials, triumphs, I basically just wrote to my heart’s content. You can read more about me here.

So as I said, I have kept a diary of my life, especially as I age. I call it, Life in the Grey Zone. [been letting my natural grey hair show forth for about 3 years now].

— Heath changes through mid life and early senior life. I journaled what my body was doing – and not doing.
— Emotional changes as well. I questioned who I was, what legacy was I leaving behind, now that I was becoming “The Older Generation”.
— Spiritual changes through mid life and early senior life, too. For instance, I have, since 1988, been a Christian believer. Had read through the King James Version of the Bible one more than one occasion. Yet, I found myself asking if “that” Bible was the truth? After all, it IS written in English, not Hebrew.

I also began to put to paper more intense thoughts, like the proverbial “what is this world coming to?”
How can I take my wisdom [by virtue of my age, I have wisdom] and make it available to others?

And so, this blog. Here, you will find information I have gathered on a variety of my interests. Some of it is first hand knowledge, some of it is first hand studying.

ALL of it is from my perspective. My take on things. None of it is “professional advice”.

All of it is, imho, words of wisdom from a 60+ years old woman, who has been married 40+ years to the same man.

I have birthed and raised 3 children, (and helped raise a few more).
I have learned how to bake. How to cook and clean. How to give back to my community. How to pray effectively. How to be a blessing to those less fortunate. How to be happy and content.

Allow me to impart to you, some of what I have learned.

My Life in The Grey Zone.