On Aging Gratefully

Grandparents need to stick around for babysitting, bedtime stories, tart-making, and other grandparent-y responsibilities.

As I sat in a play place one day a few weeks ago, watching my two young grandsons, I find I am content. They measure their age in halfs. I’m two and a 1/2, Granny.  I like construction vehicles and Mommie Bunny. And Blippi.

I’m 9 and a half Granny, almost 10. I like karate, and basketball. And putting puzzles together. And coding. And making YouTube videos.

So this article was in my social media news feed a while ago, and I thought it worth repeating here. Not that I am concerned with any aging-related diseases, like Alzheimers or Dementia just yet. Even though hubs just became a senior citizen.

Back to the article: which says in part: that Researchers found gene variants that protect against Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other aging-related diseases are present in humans, but not in other primates. Dr. Ajit Varki thinks those variants are an evolutionary result of grandparents needing to stick around for babysitting, bedtime stories, tart-making, and other grandparent-y “responsibilities. Or just to be in their grandchildren’s lives.

Grandkids May Make Us Live Longer, Study Says

So as I prepare my famous butter tarts, and teach my 2 oldest granddaughters how to make the perfect pastry, I am content. These girls have a heart for helping others. And learning “the old ways” to do things. And all things crafts.  And, they may be helping me to live longer!

Pastry Making in Progress

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As a baby boomer, I did not grow up with the Internet. Sometime in my late 40’s, I got "bit" by the online bug. It was all brand new to me, and I learned, and am still learning. I do like to keep a diary offline, and now, beginning again, to journal online.

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