Impostor Syndrome

We all may know at least one person who feels they are inadequate, that they are impostors.

I came across this term recently, Impostor Syndrome. It affects up to 70% of people, this feeling like they are fakes. 

  • These people are the ones who cannot seem to own their successes. 
  • People who set high expectations for themselves, and feel like failures when they don’t achieve 100% of those expectations. 
  • People who feel they need to know every piece of information before they start a project. 
  • People who prefer to work alone, who feel that to ask for help equates to being a failure. 
  • People who feel stressed when not accomplishing something. 

Impostor Syndrome affects both men and women. 

“…Some experts believe it has to do with personality traits—like anxiety or neuroticism—while others focus on family or behavioral causes, Ervin explains. Sometimes childhood memories, such as feeling that your grades were never good enough for your parents or that your siblings outshone you in certain areas, can leave a lasting impact…” more info here:

Dr. Valerie Young, the internationally recognized expert on Impostor Syndrome., in this article, gives 10 steps to overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, including:

  • separating fact from feeling [just because you feel stupid, it doesn’t mean you are stupid].
  • Visualize Your Success. [like professional athletes]
  • Fake it ’til you make it. [You don’t have to believe it at first.]
  • Give yourself a pat on the back! [You did well].

Thinking your way out of Imposter Syndrome. 

We all may know at least one person who feels they are inadequate, that they are impostors. These people need tools to break the cycle of Imposter Syndrome. 

Author: Leona

As a baby boomer, I did not grow up with the Internet. Sometime in my late 40’s, I got "bit" by the online bug. It was all brand new to me, and I learned, and am still learning. I do like to keep a diary offline, and now, beginning again, to journal online.

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