Hanukkah Over Christmas

Most Bible commentators agree Yeshua was not born at christmas. He was most probably divinely conceived during this time of year.

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I must admit to observing christmas for many years. Many, many years. As a child, a young mother, and a young-ish Granny, I observed this season with gusto.

What changed for me? My studying of Scriptures, actually. And so I put a couple of article links here. Based on my current research, I will continue to celebrate Yeshua, the Light of the World, coming into this world at this, the darkest time of year. Just not celebrating christmas anymore.

The first link is from over a year ago, I admit. What struck me is “…Bible commentators agree that [Yeshua] was not born at …christmas time when the world remembers His birth. He would most probably have been born around the month of September during the Feast of Tabernacles. However, this time of the year is most probably that time He was divinely conceived by the power of the of Holy Ghost…”

And the other link I have found interesting is from an Israeli perspective. “…the message of Hanukkah, Festival of Lights, is … The Divine Light overcomes even the darkest of darkness – and this is what we celebrate on both Hanukkah,  on the 25th of Kislev, and Christmas, on the 25th of December!…”

And this bonus article on Hanukkah itself, details more of the history, especially of the miracle of 8 days of oil.

“…from the description in the First Maccabees, it is clear that the original celebration was about the military victory and the rededication of the Temple.  Even if the miracle of the oil did occur, First (and also Second) Maccabees doesn’t mention it at all. However, the focus of celebration has been switched over the centuries: instead of celebrating the military success of the Maccabees, the Festival of Hanukkah has become a celebration of the Divine Miracle and of the Divine Light. This is Hanukkah as we know it today—the Festival of Lights..”

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