Chia Seed Chocolate Muffin

I ventured out tonight to make myself some chocolate dessert, using chia seed as the egg replacer. And I think it kinda worked well.

Well, I have been absent for a week or two on here, busy with setting up other blogs and getting through Hanukkah and Snow-Mageddon here in Victoria! I was actually out really early yesterday morning, shovelling snow before people were out walking their dogs. 

6 a.m. shovelled a path in the snow

So, now the snow’s gone, (relatively speaking), and all that exercise had me thinking of a new muffin to enjoy. Friend of mine has been singing the praises of her chia seed egg replacement spice cake, and it got me to thinking.

Now, granted, I do have a steady supply of farm fresh eggs to use while baking.  However, I have also heard of some health benefits to consuming chia seeds.

From one recent site I visited, Everyday Health, “…Chia seeds are…a great source of protein….[and]a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids…” 

So here’s the deal. They are good for you. Although, you need to watch the increased fibre, if done too quickly, could have *consequences*. I dislike chia pudding, I have tried many recipes, including this one from A Home With a Purpose, which uses sugar substitutes as well, for more healthy eating.

However, back to the friend of mine and her chia seed cake. She had a small portion as a trial, for breakfast. And enjoyed it so much that she had another small one for lunch. Well, you guessed it, the increase in fibre in such a short time period wreaked havoc on her digestive system the entire rest of the day!

So, I ventured out tonight to make myself some chocolate dessert, using chia seed as the egg replacer. And I think it kinda worked well. At least, it was good enough warm that I ate the entire “cake”.

One trick I did, when using chia as an egg replacer, was to grind 1 tablespoon chia in my little grinder. I then mixed in 3 tablespoons HOT water, and stir stir stirred. Turned out really delicious. And I think I may just make this chia seed chocolate muffin again soon. 

Chocolate Chia Seed Muffin

Strawberry Jam Made Easy

I picked our strawberry patch this past summer. Often. And make quick strawberry jam all year long!

Think you could turn these frozen strawberries into yummy Strawberry Jam in just 5 minutes? I can, and I did. And it’s soooooo easy and yummy!

I don’t use sugar as my sweetener, I used a mix of stevia and erythritol, [no xylitol here, we have a pooch who sometimes gets food crumbs] called “Gentle Sweet“. I purchase it, online, from Sweet and Sprouted here in Canada. [no affiliate link here, just a good shopping experience].

Back to the recipe. You see, I picked our strawberry patch this past summer. Often. And ate a lot of them fresh from the garden.


I also washed, and froze, a LOT of strawberries. Strawberry smoothies, strawberries in yogurt, strawberry muffins, strawberry shortcake. You get the idea, we ate a LOT of them. And I shared a lot of them with friends and family, too.

The frozen strawberries that I have left were getting freezer burn. My jam “stash” is depleted this wet December. So I took some time yesterday morning and whipped up a batch of jam. Jam set up beautifully. I love it, and it’s good for you!!

I used 2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice to 4 cups frozen strawberries. I added a tablespoon of Baobab Boost powder, for a zingy shot of Vitamin C. And I began to cook the strawberries. While they were cooking, I bloomed about 2 tablespoons Gelatin and added it to the mix, along with 1 tablespoon chia seeds. Sweeten to taste [less than 1/4 cup for this small batch]. Mash with masher rather than using a blender, for I find a blender makes a foam I do not like. Cooking the strawberries for about 5 minutes before mashing is about all I do, for I like some chunks of strawberry in my jams.

I freeze my jams, so I don’t fuss with much else other than putting it into jars once I cooked them. I put 3/4 cup jam per small jar, put the lid on, and let it cool on the counter, then in the fridge overnight.

At first it looked like it would not “set”, but this morning, atop my home made bread turned into toast, it was divine! I use this bread recipe for my bread and I find it likes my waistline better than a glutenous loaf I bake for hubs. I can post my glutenous loaf bread recipe in one of my later posts. For now, enjoy my jam recipe.