Mindset for Success

Daily I find myself listening to the news about coronavirus. You are what you think upon. Keeping my mind focused on success.

mindset for success

Keeping my mind focused on success online has been a work in progress! Daily I find myself listening to the news about coronavirus, of course, its in all the newscasts. Don’t get me wrong, its a necessity right now to be informed, as we globally fight this.

Explaining the Success Mindset

And yet, the information does not shape the mind, for our thoughts should shape our world. You are what you think upon. Whatever my mind is focusing on, appears. So focusing on success, bringing my mind back to success filled thoughts, and part of that is with my blogging and online activity at WA.

I need to blog with a purpose, and keep my thoughts on success, keep looking for those who are making a difference in these trying times. And, you know what, I plan on being one fo those “helpers”. I AM a helper, both online and offline.

Explaining the Helper Mindset

So what is my helper mindset, and how am I expanding my role in this time frame? Well, I have always had an emergency food supply on hand [I live in earthquake zone western Canada]. So while others are buying in “panic mode”, I am maintaining my household with my already emergency preparedness kit, and merely replenishing as I would usually do.

Image from Pixabay

Bringing in a family member who cannot afford rent this past week as well, has resulted in a spike in my food costs, and my cash outflow is surely strapped. So instead of NOT spending, I am spending MORE. And willingly.

And helping others online as well, of course. Within the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I am devoting time to making positive comments on others blogs; welcoming new members, building my own brand with a purpose focused on others.

Explain My Current Mindset

And so, there you have it. My current mindset. “This too shall pass.” This pandemic, I mean, being temporary. The virus will weaken. A vaccine will be discovered. People will stop “panic” buying. Keeping hope alive, both online and off, is crucial.

Mental health affects a person’s immunity. Look to the future, and look at what your “new normal” could become. Look to how you can work more and stress less. Be thankful in all things, knowing life ebbs and flows with ups and downs. And, enjoy the ride, for it is a ride!

Photo on Unsplash

May your ups be massive; your downs be microscopic! And leave me a comment about your successful mindset these days.

Back To Work

Back to working my online business, I wonder, what tools are you using to keep focused on your online business? I use the analogy of a garden.

Back To Work

Today I get back to working on my online business, and am finding that my mind is on all that is going on in the world. The news is full of how many new cases of Covid 19, and not much else. Easy to give way to fear, yet, that solves nothing, it often freezes me into inaction all together! Instead, I choose to see the blessings!

So I am Back to Work

Back to working my online business, as well as finding ways to help others and “be the support” people are looking for. In my line of work offline, I help seniors be able to stay in their homes, and not have to go into a care home facility. Sometimes I am the only one they see for two weeks at a time!

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Online as Well as Offline

My initial goal with Online Marketing 3 months ago was to bring sense to my online world. I have a lot of training “dibs and dabs” with online, yet nothing that brings it all together quite like Wealthy Affiliate does. And my recent days, now that I am under self imposed quarantine [since my day job has cancelled work for the foreseeable future], have been in assimilating what’s going on in my world.

Preparing a garden here in my yard, vegetables and the like. I love to garden, and it’s the busy season right now. Yet, I find I can get carried away with the offline stuff, and neglect the online. Back to the procrastination virus! Getting my mind settled, and focused, is a daily, ongoing chore. It’s not an overnight “fix”, as I have been an offline worker for at least 40 years!

And I am coming up to my 4th month at my main platform, and am more determined now to get things going online, just as I am getting my physical garden going. There can be a correlation, I think.

Preparing the Garden

Online Gardening

New raised beds going in today here in the yard, this in addition to the garden plots already established, ready to plant. So, new blog posts being prepared, in addition to the blogs already established.

New topsoil for the raised beds coming tomorrow, I think. This week at any rate. New site action this week.

Planting in the coming weeks, couple months at the most. Same online.

Weeding through the summer. H’mmm, how will that play out online? What will I “weed out”?

Harvesting will begin with peas and salad stuff as soon as May, I think, Same as online. May!

Helpful to Imagine

I find this type of analogy helpful for me to keep me on track, my imaginings do a lot, both offline and on. Imagine the success and it will follow. Imagine the healing of the virus, both physical Covid19, and the virus that I could catch “it’s not gonna work, again, online doesn’t work, you need a ‘job'”.

Photo on Unsplash

What tools are you using to keep focused on your online business? Leave me a comment below.