Chia Seed Chocolate Muffin

I ventured out tonight to make myself some chocolate dessert, using chia seed as the egg replacer. And I think it kinda worked well.

Well, I have been absent for a week or two on here, busy with setting up other blogs and getting through Hanukkah and Snow-Mageddon here in Victoria! I was actually out really early yesterday morning, shovelling snow before people were out walking their dogs. 

6 a.m. shovelled a path in the snow

So, now the snow’s gone, (relatively speaking), and all that exercise had me thinking of a new muffin to enjoy. Friend of mine has been singing the praises of her chia seed egg replacement spice cake, and it got me to thinking.

Now, granted, I do have a steady supply of farm fresh eggs to use while baking.  However, I have also heard of some health benefits to consuming chia seeds.

From one recent site I visited, Everyday Health, “…Chia seeds are…a great source of protein….[and]a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids…” 

So here’s the deal. They are good for you. Although, you need to watch the increased fibre, if done too quickly, could have *consequences*. I dislike chia pudding, I have tried many recipes, including this one from A Home With a Purpose, which uses sugar substitutes as well, for more healthy eating.

However, back to the friend of mine and her chia seed cake. She had a small portion as a trial, for breakfast. And enjoyed it so much that she had another small one for lunch. Well, you guessed it, the increase in fibre in such a short time period wreaked havoc on her digestive system the entire rest of the day!

So, I ventured out tonight to make myself some chocolate dessert, using chia seed as the egg replacer. And I think it kinda worked well. At least, it was good enough warm that I ate the entire “cake”.

One trick I did, when using chia as an egg replacer, was to grind 1 tablespoon chia in my little grinder. I then mixed in 3 tablespoons HOT water, and stir stir stirred. Turned out really delicious. And I think I may just make this chia seed chocolate muffin again soon. 

Chocolate Chia Seed Muffin

On Aging Gratefully

Grandparents need to stick around for babysitting, bedtime stories, tart-making, and other grandparent-y responsibilities.

As I sat in a play place one day a few weeks ago, watching my two young grandsons, I find I am content. They measure their age in halfs. I’m two and a 1/2, Granny.  I like construction vehicles and Mommie Bunny. And Blippi.

I’m 9 and a half Granny, almost 10. I like karate, and basketball. And putting puzzles together. And coding. And making YouTube videos.

So this article was in my social media news feed a while ago, and I thought it worth repeating here. Not that I am concerned with any aging-related diseases, like Alzheimers or Dementia just yet. Even though hubs just became a senior citizen.

Back to the article: which says in part: that Researchers found gene variants that protect against Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other aging-related diseases are present in humans, but not in other primates. Dr. Ajit Varki thinks those variants are an evolutionary result of grandparents needing to stick around for babysitting, bedtime stories, tart-making, and other grandparent-y “responsibilities. Or just to be in their grandchildren’s lives.

Grandkids May Make Us Live Longer, Study Says

So as I prepare my famous butter tarts, and teach my 2 oldest granddaughters how to make the perfect pastry, I am content. These girls have a heart for helping others. And learning “the old ways” to do things. And all things crafts.  And, they may be helping me to live longer!

Pastry Making in Progress

Break The Cycle

How often have I thought “I will NOT parent the same way I was parented”, when recalling my childhood. Along with the proverbial “my parents did it that way, doesn’t mean I have to, too” {Only to find yourself in your mothering, doing something the same way!}. 

As a child growing up in the 60’s, I was no stranger to getting spanked on the bottom with a leather strap as part of my discipline. Or watching my older siblings getting the strap. Or taking the strap simply because I “looked guilty”.

As one of 8 children, in a post-depression time, it was, it seems, all that my parents knew. I survived. Yet, I had made a decision as a young adult, that when I had kids, I would not do that. There had to be a better way to discipline. To break the cycle.

Fast forward to me as a young mom, 3 children under 5, husband out providing for the family, and no extended family around to see me “burn out” – and often.

I found myself, at times, at the end of my rope, so to speak. At those times, I took myself on a day long “time out” to rest and have “me time”. Left Dad in charge of the children [they did love the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches Dad made, fond memories for both they and I]. And I came back feeling better able to parent. 

And now, as Granny and one of the chief care-givers to our youngest grandson, a [currently] two year old only child, I see it. I see the “Terrific Twos” and wonder how people do it in this day and age. How to break the cycle even more, when discipline is necessary.

Our son [DadDad to said grandson] told me the other day “we only discipline with “time outs”. And I thought – wow, the cycle seems is broken. 

My mind went to the oft quoted Scripture “spare the rod and spoil the child” – it was part of what I was taught. When I looked closer at the Hebrew translation for “child” used here, I found this site. And more specifically, this [currently] free download, Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me.

According to my understanding, the “child” referenced in Scripture could be translated better, depending on the age of said child! Infant, toddler, tween, teen…different ages and stages of discipline. Our son, is using Bible based discipline, on his son. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here’s to Breaking the Cycle. And using Time Outs effectively.

Mommie Bunnie in Time Out Chair
Time Out Chair

Who Made God?

So I was having a good conversation with my middle child today. We had decided to have a “crafty” day, and as she was working on a gift, I was working on my baking. And we began to talk.

She had been talking to one of her friends, who had a question that my daughter felt inadequate to answer.  She tried to deflect the friend to me to ask, friend would have none of it. 

Question to me from darling daughter, “Who really made God?” 

I was all set to answer my daughter, of course.  “No one. He just, was.” Exodus 3:14. Quoting Scripture is a Mother’s prerogative, right? 

Digging deeper into her beliefs and questions, we had a really nice conversation, my middle child and I. Part of it was, “why does God allow bad things to happen to good people, or to kids?” Well, dear, the world as we know it [as we have heard often in the news] is degenerating, so to speak. And, according to the Scripture I read, it will get much, much worse before it gets better.

Difficult to explain these types of questions, to anyone. Yet, so happy to hear that our daughter [dubbed “the missionary one” by me] is, in her friendships, going out to the world and making a difference.

So, what do I believe. Who made God? 

Well, as I said, no one made the Creator. He Himself told us “I AM that I AM”. I AM eternal. Self existing. 

Short answer…no one made Him. 

Its Official!

Hello and welcome to my blog’s first “real” post! I must admit I have been keeping a diary online for a few years. I have written my thoughts, ideas, trials, triumphs, I basically just wrote to my heart’s content. You can read more about me here.

So as I said, I have kept a diary of my life, especially as I age. I call it, Life in the Grey Zone. [been letting my natural grey hair show forth for about 3 years now].

— Heath changes through mid life and early senior life. I journaled what my body was doing – and not doing.
— Emotional changes as well. I questioned who I was, what legacy was I leaving behind, now that I was becoming “The Older Generation”.
— Spiritual changes through mid life and early senior life, too. For instance, I have, since 1988, been a Christian believer. Had read through the King James Version of the Bible one more than one occasion. Yet, I found myself asking if “that” Bible was the truth? After all, it IS written in English, not Hebrew.

I also began to put to paper more intense thoughts, like the proverbial “what is this world coming to?”
How can I take my wisdom [by virtue of my age, I have wisdom] and make it available to others?

And so, this blog. Here, you will find information I have gathered on a variety of my interests. Some of it is first hand knowledge, some of it is first hand studying.

ALL of it is from my perspective. My take on things. None of it is “professional advice”.

All of it is, imho, words of wisdom from a 60+ years old woman, who has been married 40+ years to the same man.

I have birthed and raised 3 children, (and helped raise a few more).
I have learned how to bake. How to cook and clean. How to give back to my community. How to pray effectively. How to be a blessing to those less fortunate. How to be happy and content.

Allow me to impart to you, some of what I have learned.

My Life in The Grey Zone.