Mindset for Success

Daily I find myself listening to the news about coronavirus. You are what you think upon. Keeping my mind focused on success.

mindset for success

Keeping my mind focused on success online has been a work in progress! Daily I find myself listening to the news about coronavirus, of course, its in all the newscasts. Don’t get me wrong, its a necessity right now to be informed, as we globally fight this.

Explaining the Success Mindset

And yet, the information does not shape the mind, for our thoughts should shape our world. You are what you think upon. Whatever my mind is focusing on, appears. So focusing on success, bringing my mind back to success filled thoughts, and part of that is with my blogging and online activity at WA.

I need to blog with a purpose, and keep my thoughts on success, keep looking for those who are making a difference in these trying times. And, you know what, I plan on being one fo those “helpers”. I AM a helper, both online and offline.

Explaining the Helper Mindset

So what is my helper mindset, and how am I expanding my role in this time frame? Well, I have always had an emergency food supply on hand [I live in earthquake zone western Canada]. So while others are buying in “panic mode”, I am maintaining my household with my already emergency preparedness kit, and merely replenishing as I would usually do.

Image from Pixabay

Bringing in a family member who cannot afford rent this past week as well, has resulted in a spike in my food costs, and my cash outflow is surely strapped. So instead of NOT spending, I am spending MORE. And willingly.

And helping others online as well, of course. Within the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I am devoting time to making positive comments on others blogs; welcoming new members, building my own brand with a purpose focused on others.

Explain My Current Mindset

And so, there you have it. My current mindset. “This too shall pass.” This pandemic, I mean, being temporary. The virus will weaken. A vaccine will be discovered. People will stop “panic” buying. Keeping hope alive, both online and off, is crucial.

Mental health affects a person’s immunity. Look to the future, and look at what your “new normal” could become. Look to how you can work more and stress less. Be thankful in all things, knowing life ebbs and flows with ups and downs. And, enjoy the ride, for it is a ride!

Photo on Unsplash

May your ups be massive; your downs be microscopic! And leave me a comment about your successful mindset these days.

Baby Boomer vs Millennial

Who really has more opportunities for a great life? Boomer or Millennial?

As the year draws to a close, and we think ahead to 2020, there are many “catch phrases” that come to mind, the most prevalent in my “neck of the woods” refers to 2020 vision. Perfect vision, 2020 promises to be one of perfect vision. But, for whom?

I came across this short clip from a young man who has helped many fledgling entrepreneurs see what they are missing, Josh Tolley. While listening to the clip, I was struck with the advice given, regarding Baby Boomer advice to millennials. My take-away was … Boomer advice to Millennials must change from the employee mindset. Making a living in this age of information, a decent living, one must be Entrepreneurial Minded.

Also in the video were a couple of ideas for entrepreneurs to catch the wave, so to speak, and make their own millions. See if you hear Josh’s recommendations.

Who really has more opportunity for a great life?

Every Day Is Thanksgiving

Sitting down at my diary this morning, I realized just how bombarded I have been with Black Friday adverts [mostly US influenced television.] Wait a minute, I thought. Psalm 107:1 comes to mind. Yes, we are, for the most part, a consumer driven society, yet, why not put a bit of a study together about Thanksgiving? Just a few links, nothing biggie nor major. 

What is American Thanksgiving, according to Wiki? 

What was the first Thanksgiving Proclamation?

What is the Thanksgiving celebrated today?

And so there you are. Black Friday may be on its way. Cyber Monday soon to follow. Not a lot of shopping days left until the end of the year celebration [on that, check back for my opinion, controversial, I am sure.] 

Yet, today, in the US at least, it is Thanksgiving Day.

Let. every. day. be a day of thanksgiving. 

תהילים 107: 1

הֹדוּ לַיְהֹוָה כִּי-טוֹב כִּי לְעוֹלָם חַסְדּוֹ׃