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How often have I thought “I will NOT parent the same way I was parented”, when recalling my childhood. Along with the proverbial “my parents did it that way, doesn’t mean I have to, too” {Only to find yourself in your mothering, doing something the same way!}. 

As a child growing up in the 60’s, I was no stranger to getting spanked on the bottom with a leather strap as part of my discipline. Or watching my older siblings getting the strap. Or taking the strap simply because I “looked guilty”.

As one of 8 children, in a post-depression time, it was, it seems, all that my parents knew. I survived. Yet, I had made a decision as a young adult, that when I had kids, I would not do that. There had to be a better way to discipline. To break the cycle.

Fast forward to me as a young mom, 3 children under 5, husband out providing for the family, and no extended family around to see me “burn out” – and often.

I found myself, at times, at the end of my rope, so to speak. At those times, I took myself on a day long “time out” to rest and have “me time”. Left Dad in charge of the children [they did love the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches Dad made, fond memories for both they and I]. And I came back feeling better able to parent. 

And now, as Granny and one of the chief care-givers to our youngest grandson, a [currently] two year old only child, I see it. I see the “Terrific Twos” and wonder how people do it in this day and age. How to break the cycle even more, when discipline is necessary.

Our son [DadDad to said grandson] told me the other day “we only discipline with “time outs”. And I thought – wow, the cycle seems is broken. 

My mind went to the oft quoted Scripture “spare the rod and spoil the child” – it was part of what I was taught. When I looked closer at the Hebrew translation for “child” used here, I found this site. And more specifically, this [currently] free download, Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me.

According to my understanding, the “child” referenced in Scripture could be translated better, depending on the age of said child! Infant, toddler, tween, teen…different ages and stages of discipline. Our son, is using Bible based discipline, on his son. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here’s to Breaking the Cycle. And using Time Outs effectively.

Mommie Bunnie in Time Out Chair
Time Out Chair

Author: Leona

As a baby boomer, I did not grow up with the Internet. Sometime in my late 40’s, I got "bit" by the online bug. It was all brand new to me, and I learned, and am still learning. I do like to keep a diary offline, and now, beginning again, to journal online.

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