About Me

Hello, I am Leona, and would like to welcome you to my blog! I must admit I have been blogging online for a few years, yet, I recently began again. Wiped my website clean as a whistle, and set out anew. Let me explain.

Ten plus years ago, I felt the stirrings of AGE creeping up on me. And I began to search and research how it is going to affect me – this growing older stuff. This was about the same time as I began to experience the joys of grandmothering!! There was a lot of “stuff” going on in my life at the time, and journalling helped me to process my Life in The Grey Zone.

I wrote my thoughts, ideas, trials, triumphs, I wrote to my heart’s content. Yet, no one was allowed to read it. No, no, no. This girl’s diary was private.

Years later, my oldest granddaughter (6 at the time) gave me a book

Then, fast forward to recently, my oldest grandson (9 at the time) wrote and published his own book. ON HIS OWN. Writing is in the genes. I must write.

So Douglas Diary, Life in The Grey Zone was developed. I hope you find something here to peak your interest. Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you stopped by. And come back often.

Come With Me.